Yoga nidra barcelona, Ejercicios de Yoga para la Ansiedad

Yoga nidra barcelona

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Train as an Instructor of Yoga Nidra Mindfulness: Courses with VERY limited places, 40 HOURS of training in total!        Another Advantage is that once you have learned it, you can TEACH it Individually or to Groups On-Line (#OmmLine) or in person.

Certified Title of 40 hours DARSHAN THERAPIES CENTER of YOGA NIDRA MINDFULNESS Instructor.    Also for PERSONAL USE, as Guided Meditation and Mindfulness + Relaxation + Creative Visualization:

In the Presential Modality: In the case that some intensive could not be carried out in a Presential way DUE TO HEALTH RULES, there is the possibility of substituting it by ONLINE Format (intensive on-line training course).    **

We are currently in several CENTRAL rooms in Barcelona, near Paseo de Gracia/Aragon.    A few days before the course we will inform you of the location of the room and the corresponding health regulations.

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When 10 participants are reached, the Group closes and NO more participants will be admitted. We reserve the Right of Admission, especially to maintain Small Groups and according to the Admission Questionnaires.

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Yo era joven en ese momento, practicando regularmente el yoga, y había comenzado a profundizar mi práctica probando todo tipo de (lo que yo consideraba) extrañas pero maravillosas clases de Baños de Gong a Kirtan, Kriya yoga a la curación con cristales, eventualmente llevándome al Sueño Psíquico, una relajación seriamente profunda conocida como, Yoga Nidra.

Ella dirigió la sesión siguiendo el formato tradicional del Yoga Nidra, que he detallado a continuación en 5 sencillos pasos, pero en pocas palabras comienza con un escaneo detallado del cuerpo, conciencia de la respiración, un sankalpa (afirmación positiva) y una serie de visualizaciones. Para mí, el aspecto más profundo de esta sesión fue la visualización de sensaciones corporales en la que mi profesor nos guió para sentir nuestro cuerpo pesado, luego ligero, caliente y luego frío.

Después de la sesión de Yoga Nidra, sentí una oleada de energía y me di cuenta de lo poderosa que es mi mente. Si puede controlar todas mis sensaciones corporales, haciéndome sentir calor, frío, luz y pesadez, todo ello en unos pocos minutos, sin moverme ni cambiar el entorno, sólo con mi mente, ¿de qué otra cosa era capaz mi mente?

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During a yoga nidra session, and through a guided introspection exercise, you will enter into a deep state of relaxation, while remaining conscious and alert throughout the process.    Paradoxically, what is sought through Nidra is not sleep, but rather awakening: the cultivation of an awakened attention on the dream plane as well as on the waking plane.

To formalize the reservation, it is necessary to make a deposit of 50€ in the current account that we will send you once you confirm us that you are coming through the mail. The place will not be considered reserved until that moment. The remaining amount can be paid on the first day of the workshop.

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Yoga Nidra is a powerful systematic method, not only of meditation and relaxation, but also of inner transformation whose objective is to access the deep dimensions of the subconscious and unconscious reflected in the body. It unleashes creative power and allows the creation of new habits by eliminating patterns of anxiety, reactivity and depressive behaviors. It is very effective in reducing insomnia.

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The specific asana sequences within the practice of Yoga Nidra, and its spiritual origins in relation to the Upanishads, the Yoga Sutras and its Bhakti and Tantric roots as a method of meditation will also be discussed.

A deeper understanding of the causes of stress and suffering and their impact on the body will be offered from a yogic, anatomical, and scientific perspective, and how Yoga Nidra can be an effective and proven solution.

The student will receive asana sequence cards for Nidra, pranayama scripts for Nidra, awareness rotations, energetic techniques, practices focused on emotional integration and new visualizations and images, all from India.