Yoga iyengar bilbao, Ejercicios de Yoga para la Ansiedad

Yoga iyengar bilbao

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CLASSES COURSE 2021-22 in Costa, nº 8-10, 4º Izq. Jania metro Moyua or IndautxuFree trial classes: -Tuesday September 14th at 11:00.  -Wednesday 15th at 19:15.  If you are interested in classes at other times, call me and we’ll see.

The IYENGAR method of Yoga is initially learned through the in-depth study of asanas (postures) and pranayama (breath control). Iyengar has systematized over 200 classical Yoga Asanas and 14 different types of Pranayama (with variations on many of them) from the simple to the incredibly difficult. They have been structured and categorized to allow the beginner to progress safely and healthily from basic postures to more advanced ones as they gain flexibility, stamina and sensitivity in mind, body and spirit.

Pranayama is begun once a firm foundation in asana practice has been established, as physically the student needs the alignment, flexibility, lung capacity and training necessary to sit and breathe correctly during their practice. Pranayama offers numerous physical benefits including toning the circulatory, digestive, nervous and respiratory systems and activating the internal organs creating a feeling of energy and calm. Equally important, it also brings the mind and senses under control and makes the individual ready for the experience of meditation.

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The yoga center Bilbo-Santutxuko Yoga Iyengar® Zentroa with address Menendez y Pelayo Marcelino Kalea, 16, 48016 Bilbo, Bizkaia located in the town of Bilbao with zip code 48016 different sports activities are performed in the marked schedules.practice different types of yoga, postures and balance mind body to improve your health both mentally and physically through yoga Bilbao The yoga center Bilbo-Santutxuko Yoga Iyengar® Zentroa

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The Bilbo-Santutxuko Yoga Iyengar® Zentroa offers the spaces and facilities necessary for the practice of yoga. A program adapted to all people regardless of their condition.

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It consists of a series of precise and effective exercises that help us develop a special sensitivity that allows us to listen to our own body and observe the processes of our mind with objectivity and detachment, helping us to live more fully and consciously.

Body postures, maintained for a certain period of time, performed in a conscious manner, controlling the breath and maintaining concentration. The asana leads us to a state of balance and harmony.

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The teacher’s mission is to explain, indicate and correct the exercises, giving special importance to the correction, so that the student can acquire a good technique and therefore progress properly.

The student learns how to breathe in each exercise, which areas of his body work with each posture and where he has to keep his concentration, allowing him to integrate his body and mind.

In this session the student will acquire some basic knowledge to be able to join the group. During this session the student’s condition will be evaluated in order to help and advise him/her adequately.