Mindfulness clases, Ejercicios de Yoga para la Ansiedad

Mindfulness clases

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The Open Classes, which are mainly practical in content, may incorporate some theoretical or dynamic pills. They do not have a specific start and end date, and students can join and leave at any time, attending the classes they wish.

It is a psycho-educational intervention in the cultivation of mindfulness, which will help us to live in a healthier way. The classes include explanations about stress and how we can regulate it through the regular practice of mindfulness, learning some coping strategies, emotional self-regulation, improving our communication, time management and the cultivation of certain attitudes and healthy habits.

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If you start from 0 and feel you don’t have time for this, you should know that this is no excuse to enjoy mindfulness. The Vivirmindfulness team, which specializes in helping through mindfulness to reconcile professional, family and personal life, has created this 7-day course for busy schedules. In just one week you can start practicing from a good base and experience the benefits in your own flesh, and it is completely free. To take this course taught by Yolanda Herrero Mor, you just have to sign up and you will receive it in your email.you can see the free introductory course to mindfulness here.overcomes your stress and anxiety with mindfulness

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The Mindfulness Meditation course available at Tutellus is based on the University of Massachusetts stress reduction course. By signing up for this course you will have access to 9 video courses that explain each class in detail; it also includes a practical guide and, at the end of each class, you can reinforce what you have learned through a series of questions. This course has a total duration of 2 hours and offers the possibility of obtaining a certificate of completion, and if you wish, you can also download each class in MP3 format. If you are interested in signing up for the course, you can do it for 50€; in case you have a subscription in Tutellus, you will have the opportunity to sign up for free.you can see it here.online course of coaching and Mindfulness

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Yes, I’m interested – access free course “”mental and emotionaland potentiate your wellbeingIt will be a place of relaxation in a few minutesLearn how to take your mind “”of stress and anxiety.to overcome your statesIt gives you the keys Mindfulness “”mental and emotionaland potentiate your wellbeingIt will be a place of relaxation in a few minutesLearn how to take your mindYes, I’m interested – access free course “”of stress and anxiety. to overcome your mental and emotional “” “”Mindfulness “” “”and empower your wellbeingIt will be a place of relaxation in a few minutesLearn how to manage your stress and anxiety mind. to overcome your stress and anxiety states. to overcome your Mindfulness statesYes, I’m interested – access free course

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I left my previous job in multinational pharmaceutical companies because of stress and I trained in my passion: mindfulness meditation and yoga.  Meditation was for me a simple way to transform my suffering into freedom.

Trust me! more than 670 people have done it. With me you will learn the best strategy to put an end to your stress, your fears, your obsessive thoughts, your thousands of chores, your anxiety. Believe me I have been through this, and I have come to experience how to “get out of the bottom of the well”.

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“I realized that I had within me a series of potentialities that, in order to use them to my advantage, I just had to start calming myself.I have taken many courses and this is one of the ones that has given me the most happiness. “Testimonial Carmen Gloria Barrientos, former Civil Servant.

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“I wanted to take control of my life. The pandemic accelerated everything, I have been able to work better. I have been able to feel better, to rest at night. The benefits are cross-cutting in all areas. “Testimonial – Paloma Martin, Academic, Universidad de Chile

“I was looking for a technique, a tool that through meditation would make me manage stress. And also to have moments for myself, where I can be aware and enjoy the things that go unnoticed in life. Christine takes you to a meditation where, without knowing anything, everything seems very easy to do and apply in the day to day”.Testimonial Maritza Alarcón, Sales Manager